Sunday, April 17, 2011

Facing the FEAR Element

Everyday I wake up with the passion of starting my own business. I fantasize about being interviewed by Oprah regarding my humble beginnings, which will be turned into a prosperous venture. I dream about my descendants talking about how fortunate they are cause of me their great grandmother. I DREAM! Yet with all this dreaming I am SCARED! Yes, that’s right scared!! What if I fail? What if I’m not good enough to venture out in this field? What if others are better than me? Will my family think I’m living a pipe dream? How do I deal with haters? Are the haters right? Yes my fellow sistahs seeking success I the one who preaches “Just Do it”, gives advice on how to do it, is one chicken shizzit when it comes to fulfilling her dream.

I’ve come to learn this fear that I have and that many of us share is not really fear at all. It’s passion; it’s love and concern for something we really want to succeed. Yes there will be those who doubt me, there will be those in my industry far successful than me, and yes some of my family members will think I’m full of it; but what really matters is not what anyone thinks including me but it’s what I do to turn this fear into an energizing factor that will propel me to success!

As I examine the shameful feeling of fear, I’ve taught myself that fear is just the unknown. An unknown that shouldn’t control me. What needs to control me is the faith I should have in myself. With this being said I’ve developed a mantra whenever I feel the dreaded fear trying to take over. Every time fear approaches I think of it as Faith Evolving Action into Reality! The Faith I have in myself will be an Evolving Action that will convert into the Reality I’m seeking!

For those of you who are pursuing your dream don’t let unknown fear take over you! Remember you can control your reality the way you can control your thoughts. Whenever “fear” begins to creep in just think of it as your ammunition to move forward and be strong my fellow entrepreneurs, fear comes in many forms, the important thing is turn that fear into faith and defy the unknown!

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