Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Name is Bond, James Bond….

It may be just me and my corny self but every time I find a new feature on my Blackberry I am utterly amazed. The convenience, size and magnitude of what this little device can do at times leaves me speechless. It's like when I was a kid and I'm probably dating myself here, but when I was younger and a new James Bond movie came out, we would run to theaters not to just see how Bond got out of whatever evil mess he got into, but to see on the live screen the gadgets that got him out of that mess! Like the exploding pen or the sun glasses with the video camera. All these gadgets to a child of the 70's seemed like an elusive fantasy. Yet with the advent of technology and all its recent innovation the fantasy has come to life at least in the world of Smartphones!

Smartphones like a James Bond movie gadget can do just about everything and anything we can think of with the exception of a blowing up a car, I'm sure they'll be an app for that pretty soon J. But lets' think about it for a minute, can a small business entrepreneur run a business without a Smartphone? Instead of letting you ponder, I'll just let the cat out the bag and give you a big NO!!! Having a Smartphone whether it's an Android, Blackberry, iPhone, etc. is essential to any small business. These gadgets have become your mobile office, from, emailing, contacts, sending documents, serving as a receptionist and oh yeah making phone calls, without a Smartphone you'll basically be out of touch.

According to Devon & Associates, our small business financial consultants, the most successful tip in sustaining a small business is to be cognizant of your overhead. Unlike huge corporations with shareholders, small businesses have to rely on every little penny, which means you have to make those pennies, translating into being proactive with your customers. Smartphones allow you to conduct this very facet whether in or out of the office. Using your mobile device you can keep in touch with your employees and customers; respond to inquiries, diffuse and intercept certain situations, plus countless other things that I haven't even found on my gadget J. The point is without a Smartphone you will be somewhat ineffective in running your small business.

One of the biggest issues with obtaining one of these most needed devices is cost. I will not fool you the days of a monthly $20 cell phone bill are all but gone. You will be spending a pretty penny, depending on the carrier somewhere in the range of $75-$150 a month. But when you average the cost which you should be considering an investment versus the productivity you'll be achieving, you'll actually think you've gotten a steal. QC Hustle in no way endorses a carrier or phone type. However, we do encourage that you take the time look for a carrier and a phone that meets your needs and your budget.

Lastly another tip, when you have a Smartphone make sure you keep it charged. I know this probably sounds like your mom talking to you,- but it's true. Make a conscientious effort to have your "mobile office" functioning at all times. My tip buy several chargers, one for the car, one for the office, one for home and one in case you lose all three J Chargers normally run anywhere between $25-$40, if you want to save some money but one at a time or shop e-bay for a compatible charger.

Running a business is certainly not easy, it takes time and commitment. Thankfully we can all act like James Bond or in our case Jane Bond and use these nifty gadgets to get us out of trouble, in trouble or just some good business trouble J

Wishing you Prosperity,
QC Hustle

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