Sunday, February 19, 2012

All About the Mula!

Yep starting a business is all about the dough, mula, the big bucks, but so is managing money. Transfers from most banks take on average 3 days to complete while payments from PayPal take about 2 weeks to clear and lets not discuss Credit/Debit card fees. Wouldn't it be great if we can reap the rewards of our online business the same way brick and mortars are instantly compensated?!?!! Here are a few startups that allows us this very satisfaction.

Dwolla -Created to help eliminate credit card fees, as well as allowing for faster and easier payments whether online or via mobile. Dwolla operates on a free micro-transactions concept, and a 25 cents fee for everything else, note 25 cents not 25%! Their free micro-transactions and low fees make Dwolla the cheapest payment network around.

PaymentNetwork - Brought to you by Intuit who looks like their into everything from web design, Quick Books, Turbo Tax and now securing online payments. The big up on PaymentNetwork is its ability to charge as low as 50 cents per transfer, which is great considering most bank fees for separate account transfers are at least $3.00; to make it even better PaymentNetwork can clear as much $5,000 in one day!

Popmoney - Bridging the gap for waiting on payments via check is Popmoney, which btw can be real handy for personal use. Popmoney works in conjunction with many banks, log in to their site and see if your bank is a participating member, if so all you have to do do is log in to your online account and transfer money using Popmoney, (look at their site for instructions). To send money all you need is an
email address, mobile number or bank account information. When receiving money you will receive an email or text message telling you someone sent you money via Popmoney. Btw, Popmoney also offers invoicing, payroll services and the linking of personal and business account for better cash flow optimization.

Note: QC Hustle does not endorse any of the above listed products and or services. The above items are listed for informational purposes only.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

From the Mouth of Babes!

Becoming a business owner will and I mean WILL take time away from your family. The most important thing to ease the so-called distance is to make them aware of what you're doing and the positive effect it can have on them. Telling your kids things like Mommy is a little busy because she's trying to make a great future for you or Mommy is busy now so she can spend more time with you later may help ease the pain of being distant at times. There were many of times myself as a mother in which I felt guilty, sad and almost gave up starting my business for the fear of alienating my child, however, as of yesterday all of the feelings changed as I realized my biggest supporter is my child!

My mother always told me the truth comes from the mouth of babes, although my daughter is 13 she's still my babe and I'll take the truth from her just fine! This epiphany of a moment came about as we prepared for her first day of school with the prim and proper check of getting her hair done at Hairtage Studios here in Charlotte, NC. As most women know a trip to the salon is a good couple of hours out of your day spent (wink, wink). Well in our 2nd hour I decided to run out and get my daughter some brunch. Upon my return one of the customers turned to me and said "Um, excuse me, I hear you design websites". My first instinct was who told her, I hardly know anyone here except my daughter and the owner and yes while we had conversations earlier regarding current events, celebrity gossip, relationships and all the things women talk about in a salon, there was never once a mention of my business. So, where is she getting this from??? Her response was your daughter told me! I was like huh, she then went on to say that my daughter told her how I created my own website, own a training company and how I'm co-founder of QC Hustle! I immediately looked over to my daughter who was brimming with pride! She had that look like yeah, Mom I'm shouting you out cause I know you can do it; I'm shouting you out cause I'm proud; I'm shouting you out cause I support you and have your back! Aside from my child telling me she loves me, which at 13 years old is hardly heard these days (womp, womp), this was the most endearing show of support and understanding that I ever experienced. Not only did it show me she got it and she knows what I'm doing, but it showed me I have someone in my corner who is extremely important, who believes in me and wants me to succeed just as much! What more can I ever ask for!

Her spirit has given me a newfound encouragement to succeed. It's true what I've been saying that I'm doing this for us, but now it's really TRUE! I love the fact that my daughter looks up to me and that she sees something in me that I feel but sometimes is unsure of. As we make the sacrifice of time with our children and loved ones just know it's not done in vain and they are watching. It's up to you to make good on what you're saying and you can only do so by trying and succeeding! Trust me from the mouth of babes you will reap the greatest reward!

Wishing You Prosperity,
QC Hustle

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy Independence Day!

As the nation celebrates their independence from the British rule, I ask where is our individual independence? Well Ladies and Gents I have recently found mine. As of last week my freelance contract with a huge technology corporation expired. As I told friends, family and colleagues about my upcoming unemployed status I was met with the usual "oh my god, what are you going to do?" face. What was most puzzling to those concerned was my response, which was "Don't cry for me Argentina", Yes, I got all Evita Peron on my peeps. However, what I was trying to say was I am ALRIGHT!!! No really I'm ALRIGHT and I'm INDEPENDENT.

Being released from my contract was exhilarating to say the least! Most would think I'm suffering from a delusional bohemian syndrome, but I'm not. Actually I was suffering through a stressful, 9-5, micro managing, checking into the Quarry situation. Every Monday I damm near wanted to cry and every Friday I was happier than a fat kid who loves cake :). As I reviewed my situation a sense of excitement overwhelmed me. I can now take the time to focus wholeheartedly on my business and focus on the following:

Instead of marketing myself for that next interview, how about I market my business for that next deal.
Instead of creating a product for someone else, how about I focus on creating products for my company.
Instead of strategizing for someone else, how about I strategize my own business needs.
Instead of revamping someone else's website, how about I revamp my own.

This free time has given me a sense of independence in which I can focus and execute my dream. There's no job holding me back; the only thing that can hold me back is ME and right now I have so much excitement in me that I doubt that's going to happen :). Now folks please don't think I'm saying it's all good to be laid off but what I am saying is be useful with your time. While searching for that guaranteed income still focus on what's dear to you. Heck, you never know guaranteed income could be staring right at you, all you need to do is stare back and give it some attention.

Wishing You Prosperity,
QC Hustle