Monday, April 25, 2011

The Goody Bag – Affordable and Free Software to Help You Manage Your Business!

One of the best aspects of being a sole proprietor is the innate ability to really watch those pennies, with that being said take a look at some really useful affordable software QC Hustle has found for you!

• Busy, Busy, Busy and you have 5 calendars to help stay focus. One can only imagine with 5 calendars they’ll be a slip up somewhere, if this is you, then check out This nifty FREE software is a scheduling application that allows you to sync with your calendars. Never double book or miss an appointment ever again! starts off as a free service but also includes a Premium personalization package staring at $4.99 monthly.

• Help I Need Somebody (in harmony with The Beetles)! – Owning a business and doing it solo at least at the beginning can be daunting and exhausting. Let’s admit it, some us give “keeping track” a whole new meaning! Reduce the stress and clutter that comes with managing a business by using HighRise a CRM (Contact Relationship Management) application. According to the Washington Post, “HighRise is like a having secretary with the exception of getting coffee and picking up dry cleaning”. SideNote: For all you secretaries out there starting a business this comment alone should incite you :)

• If you’re like me putting every thought you have either on a post it or in my case my trending little organizer then like me you might be in some trouble. I can’t tell you the countless times I wrote something down and a week later I have no idea why, I could say like Jamie and “Blame it on the Goose”, but I’ll just keep it real and fess up to real issue, disorganization and unfocused. Well, to my surprise, guess what, there’s an app for that! Omnifocus is a new software that serves as a personal task manager to quickly capture your thoughts and allow you to store, manage, and process them into actionable to-do items. Omnifocus synchs with the iPhone and iPad.

• It’s all about Social Networking these days. If your business is not on Facebook or Twitter then you’re not using one of the most popular advertising channels of our current day. One of the issues with having your business on these sites is monitoring. Companies are starting to hire Social Media Strategist to read comments, bad, good or indifferent and work hard at keeping a company in good customer standing. All this may be cool for GE or Microsoft but what about the QC Hustler, we don’t have that ability or resource to track all this. Well like everything else there’s an app for that. Check out Batchbook a social CRM built for small businesses and entrepreneurs. With Batchbook you can get a holistic feed of your Social Networking sites, who needs a Social Media Strategist afterall?!?!

QC Hustle does not endorse the businesses mentioned in this article. The businesses mentioned are for informational purposes only.

Wishing You Prosperity,
QC Hustlle

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