Monday, June 27, 2011

It's All About the Words! Ad Words that is!

The most fascinating aspect of the internet aside from social networking, celebrity scoop or emailing is the ability to reach millions and millions of people. On average there are 184,000,000 clicks per minute on the Internet, pretty impressive! However what's not impressive is if not one of those clicks makes it to your website!

One of the first "must" when starting a business is establishing an online presence, it's basically rule number #1 along with a phone number. The sad thing is as we drain ourselves designing our site or hiring a contractor to do it for us, we ultimately may end up leaving this beautiful well crafted site in Internet Hell, a place where nobody goes! While we may be savvy with our business in terms of product and specialty it is unfortunate to say but many of us aren't sales people and with that being said how do you emerge your site to become one of the 184,000,000 clicks per minute?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a term that has been frequently used in conjunction with internet advertising. Depending on your market, hiring a SEO strategist can be rewarding as well as costly. An aspect of SEO is the use of Ad Words. Both Google and Bing offer the ability to create ad words for your company, if done properly your site can appear on the first page of a search result.

Here's a quick course on using Ad Words, however it is strongly recommended to view Google and Bing's Ad Words site to develop an acute understanding of how this affordable yet powerful advertising mechanism operates.

1) Create an Ad Campaign - An Ad Campaign is a brief no more than 3 lines, 5 words minimum each line describing your business, promotion, sale, etc. For example:
Customized Flavored Cupcakes
Dozen Cupcakes for $5.99
Buy now at

2) Landing Page - When advertising using ad words also known as keywords, make sure whatever you're talking about you send the consumer to the right page. For example the above scenario indicating cupcakes for $5.99, in this case when the customer clicks on they should "land" on the page that has the cupcakes that are $5.99 a dozen. In this scenario a customer should not land on the home page; nothing frustrates a customer than an irrelevant page popping up.

3) Negative Words - And no this doesn't mean cursing :). Using the cupcake scenario, let's say you want to ensure that your site isn't misinterpreted for a cooking class, then you may want to add "cooking class" as negative words. This will help reduce unnecessary clicks to your site which can result in accruing higher costs leading to lost fees.

4) Tracking - Both Google and Bing offer excellent reporting on how your ads are performing. Both providers recommend running several Ad campaigns and through reporting determine which combination is a proven success.

Creating internet Ad campaigns is quite the trial process. There's lots of potential to be part of the "click" and easy enough to be left out. The important thing is to keep on it. The goal here is to use the internet to leverage your business sales; this can be done by positioning your company using ad words to the Internet forefront and have your site become part of the 184 million click happy world.

Wishin you Prosperity
QC Hustle

Note: Bing and Google are mentioned for informational purposes and example of search providers. QC Hustle does not endorse any product or manufacturer.

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