Friday, May 1, 2009

Mi Casa Es Su Casa....Oh really??

Once again its that time of the year when the task of spring cleaning comes upon us. We tend to gravitate with the cleaning of our closets, junk draws, regular draws and all other clutter we tend to collect throughout the cuddly winter season. Spring cleaning gives us an excuse to have a renewed sense of calmness and order. While most of the focus given to this seasonal chore is directed to mainly our households, we tend to forget other areas of living that we need to declutter as well. No, I'm not talking about the 2nd home, though I'm sure we all would like to have one and one day as we prosper in to Mogulette land we will :)! But for once let's be real about what many of us have considered our second home, WORK, THE JOB!!!

Yes, yes, ladies, while we may all grunt and say it's just a job, many of us have to admit we've treated the work place at least from a decorative perspective as our second home. Personal pictures, art work, a shoe collection, ya'll know who you are, acting like you have DSW up in there! The workplace for some of us has been transformed into an additional living quarter. I can understand the need for some personal items, afterall we're at work at least 8 hours of a day, five days a week, however, we must ask ourselves do we intend to be here for the rest of our lives? Is it necessary to fill up a space that really doesn't belong to you? Yep, I said it, It doesn't belong to you, your nice little cubicle or office with doors is NOT your office. This space belongs to the ____________ (you can fill in the blank) Company. Fact of the matter is you're decorating or better yet personalizing a place that doesn't belong to you and if doesn't belong to you guess what it can be easily taken from you!

One of the things this recession has taught many of us is that some things don't last forever. As waves of employees are laid off the most obvious attribute is the famous box they walk out with. Or if you work for a financial institution and some other places you can't even get to your box, you have to wait till they ship it and some may even deduct the shipping cost from your last paycheck. The truth of the matter is we SHOULDN'T even have a box. Why in the world do we make our job our second home?? When you look a the temporariness of it all, it's not necessary to permanently stake your claim. A job should be viewed as a hotel stay. You go in, do what you got to do and go home. None of this design challenge HGTV bull crap. Another reason why we should NEVER make a job our home is because adding all of these touches stifle us into moving forward. Think about all the devotion you apply to making this place of employment feel like home. In some sick way we can be unintentionally sending the signal that this is it for us, this is where we belong; if so then why are we complaining and why do we want our own business? For those of us who truly seek entrepreneurship we have to remember that one of the first steps to seeking success is commitment. We have to become committed and loyal to our endeavors. A job will pay the bills but your own business can take care of you and your family for life. Your loyalty should reside with your dreams not with your employer who can fire you whenever they feel fit.

Please don't get me wrong I'm not saying become a hostile employee. I'm just saying focus your energies on where you need them the most. Making your job your next home should not be one of them. I use to think I needed a picture of my daughter in my office, guess what I have a wallet and her picture is in there. I doubt 8 hours a day will make me forget what she looks like, if so I have bigger issues to contend with.

Ladies going forward let's be serious about who we are and where we want to go! The only design challenge you should be facing is designing and strategizing your business. Everything else in this realm is secondary. So please no more homes away from home, soon enough you'll have that real 2nd home away from home!!

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