Monday, May 25, 2009

Just Do It

Nikey hit it right on the money with their slogan "Just Do It".  I'm sure its meaning was pertained to athleticism and the ability to get up and just do your thang.  For me this slogan means much more than playing sports.  In my world Just Do It means do whatever "it" is and JUST DO IT!

When starting your businesses so many levels of self-doubt, procrastination, what ifs, I don't have the time, I don't have the money, etc. always seem to set in.  If we spent as much time creating our business as we do doubting ourselves, we would be Billionaires.  Sometimes in order to be successful and live your dream you HAVE to throw caution to the wind and JUST DO IT!

We all have some initiatives that we can personally say screw it and Just DO IT! Remember if you never DO IT, you'll never KNOW what potential you have and what you can BECOME! 

Here some examples of common procrastinations:

1)Where do I Start? - Do I form a Business Plan? Do I Register my Business Name? Where? How much does it cost? Are there licenses involved? Am I a product or a service? Write down the concept of your business and google the rest.  Stop asking yourself a 1000 questions and JUST DO IT!!!

2) Website - Do I create one? Do I use Go Daddy, Office Live? Do I search for external templates? Do I hire a designer? How many domain extensions should I choose? Do I secure a domain for 1 or 2 years? Guess what, JUST DO IT! Get on a site you feel comfortable with and start playing with it, if you don't like the results move on to another one.  If you do NOTHING, NOTHING will be done and asking yourself these questions over and over again does not constitute as doing something! It's just wasting time doing NOTHING!

3) I'm too busy with my 9-5 to even start my business, classic excuse!  One thing we need to remember is when the idea popped into our head to start a business the main basis for this idea was most of us were SICK with our 9-5.  Starting a business does mean hard work, but it also means independence and if we're lucky it could place us in a lucrative financial position.  Take a good look at your 9-5; how long have you been doing it?; are you efficient?; can you do this work in  your sleep?; does it bore you?; do you get up in the morning ecstatic about going to work?; are you smarter than your boss?  The answers alone are the main reasons why you want to start your own business.  Keep looking at the big picture! If you're efficient at work, do what you have to do, get your work done,* after-all it is paying your bills for now and financing your business.  But once your done with work and still on the premises, you should consider using the rest of your day wisely.  When I say wisely I mean on YOU!!  Stop going to Facebook (though I love Facebook :)) and My Space, googling celebrities and reading all the news that you have all day and night to see and hear about. Do you realize all the time we waste on simple internet BS; when we could be taking that time and working on our business!  A good strategy to use when you find yourself wasting time is think to yourself, the creators of Facebook and My Space are already rich, celebrities that's another world!  Just keep that in mind when you're googling what Brad and Angelina are doing in their summer home in Nice and know that you are wasting time and delaying your own summer home.  When free time opportunities at work exist, guess what, JUST DO IT!!

At the end of the day whatever "it" is that you do, you should always check your list and think twice like Santa, but at least you're doing IT!  

*Tip - Efficiency is one of the greatest traits we can have, however, it can play against us at times.  Your boss may recognize this efficiency and bombard you with work, be careful, pace yourself, you're not in a race.  Get your work done in its timely fashion and learn to stretch some things out.  I know to some this may sound tricky and deceitful and IT IS! But guess what the days before computers and our current days of fictions deadlines are reasons enough to just chill for a minute, the work ain't going anywhere.  Keep your eye on the prize.  Personally I rather have an Entrepreneur of the Year Award than an Employee of the Month Award, get my drift!

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