Friday, March 20, 2009

Using Logos to Define Your Business Presence

Logos are a necessity when it comes to standing out and defining your business. Just imagine where Target or as some of my friends would say "Tar'ghay" the french version :) would be without the Red Bulls eye. Anywhere you go in this country you'll know a Target store when you see one whether it be a regular Target or a Super Target you can spot it anywhere even without the actual spelling of the name. It's that red bulls eye that captures our attention and signifies we're in price reduction, great quality heaven! While Target can advertise wholeheartedly and open a multitude of stores what really drives the attention and keeps us coming is that infamous logo.

Most successful businesses have a presence that has been defined by a logo. Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Home Depot to name a few. Logos can be simple but yet profound in which they can easily attract a client. When considering a logo I would suggest unless you're a designer to perhaps find a graphic artist who's love is to design. We have a tendency to consider being computer literate as a pass to create anything using Publisher, Microsoft Word and the worst of all borrow from ClipArt. The issue with these is there are many other computer literates in this world and they too can tell authentic from "I just made it up." Since a logo is so important and can easily make or break you, it is very important that you take the time and seek one that will give your business that signature presence.

Hiring a designer can be taxing on a small business. Most designers require upfront costs and some may even limit the amount of mock-ups on a design. An effective way to secure a logo design is to do what big companies do and that's outsource your work. Sites like and Elance have a wide array of designers from all over the world. Prices for a logo usually range from $45 and up. You may be able to find one cheaper. I myself have used Guru for 3 different logos and have paid no more than $60. My experience with each designer has been positive. The payment methods are seamless and secure. Guru provides ratings on all their freelancers and at times depending on the freelancer you'll be able to read reviews, good or bad.

Remember capital is key when starting out your own business as well as defining its presence. Going bankrupt before it gets off the ground is definitely not a good sign. Logos are a sure fire way to get the attention your business deserves and therefore is a good investment, however, be cautious on how you do so and don't break the bank before you start depositing.

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  1. I think you image is very important to your business. This is what people see. I used GURU.COM to get my logo and it was very reasonable and the gentleman I chose did a very good job. He worked with me on the revisions until I was satisfied.