Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Look at You and Your Fancy Business Place

Perception is key when attracting new clients. Something as simple as your stationery, business cards and business address indiscriminately causes a client to either negatively or positively ponder about your business stature.

Many of us who are first time business owners soon to be Moguls may not have the financial capital to secure that fancy business address. Trust me the Park Avenue address is not cheap. In fact for a first time business owner, location is most likely the highest expense you'll incur. With the advent of technology innovating every millisecond, the opportunity to work from home or from a coffee shop serves the same purpose as if you were working from Trump Towers. The only problem with this is appearance and Google Earth. Clients who recognize a home address may not take you as seriously as the Big Willy in Downtown where ever. And with Google Earth showing where you're really operating your business from, you may find the prospect of a rapidly declining business. Well don't fret my pets because help is on the way in the form of virtual offices.

Virtual offices have been around for quite some time. Basically a virtual office allows you to secure a temporary space in a well known predominantly (ie, Park Avenue) business district for a monthly fee. You can Google "virtual offices" and listing of sites will pop up. One of the most highly reputable of virtual offices is Regus Office Services. Regus offers full offices, conference rooms, mailing address, internet access, networking and even amenities like coffee, tea and snacks. The biggest perk of them all is that your clients can visit you at your preferred location and be greeted by a receptionist who will proudly represent your company. You can find additional information about Regus at www.regus.com.

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