Monday, May 9, 2011

The Mommy Factor

This Mother's Day edition of QC Hustle is dedicated to all the mothers who work hard in their everyday job of parenting but also for those who dream big and want to succeed success for their future babies (descendants).

Any mother would tell you starting a business ain't easy, no ifs or buts about it! Starting a business takes diligence, creativity and support. Sometimes when you're the mother you're the supporter of your family and you wonder who's there to support you! When I look at my family and the demands I have as a mother, wife and business woman there is no doubt that feelings of being overwhelm at times appear. I learned to combat some of these feelings and still work at pursuing my dream by ensuring the following:

1) Don't Drive Myself Crazy - Having a "drive" is great but not when it runs you over. If you're feeling overwhelm chances are you are overwhelmed! Breathe, take it easy and know there's always tomorrow and the day after but today is your current and live in the moment. At times the moment may be to just chill.

2) The Tug of War - My daughter wants me to hang with her, my husband wants me to watch a game with him, everybody wants me but I don't want any of them, ( I know that sounds mean) but sadly for many of us at certain times especially when our creative mojo is going at full force this is exactly how we feel, what's a gal to do? First of all set some parameters but more importantly communicate with your family regarding your dreams, demonstrate it, keep them abreast. Basically get them in the moment. At times they'll understand and sometimes they won't but they'll never take it personally because they'll know they too are a part of your dream and sometimes that's all they want.

3) Be Your Own Boss - Take advantage of being an entrepreneur, control your schedule. If you have a PTA meeting then don't schedule a business meeting at the same time. Easier said than done, I know, but the fact is it can be done. Let's face it we all go into business so we can control and fulfill our lives, this should not only be in a profitable sense but a life worthy sense as well. Basically you are the Boss so do you and manage your destiny and time.

At the end of day a working mother and a business woman are all the same thing; we never rest and we are always creative whether its with our business or family. The best part is we can make it happen :)

For more information on how to be a productive business mom check out these few tips from Working Mother magazine.

Wishing you Prosperity,
QC Hustle

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